In the heart of the wonderful Liège region in Belgium, from 1984 until 2009, Jean-Pierre & Nicole Baeke infused all their art into their neighborhood bakery. Beyond the bread that made them famous, their know-how brought to life a variety of delights: tarts, pastries, various cakes and of course, the essential SPECULOOS, true caramelized and spicy symbols of Belgian tradition.

Faithful to our traditional recipes, speculoos represented the very soul of their craft, which led them to create, in 2009, their own brand, 'Specul'House', literally "the house of speculoos". This significant transition was motivated by the desire to flourish in a new world while preserving their initial passion. Thus, the bakery was transformed into a biscuit factory.

It all started with speculoos and cooked marzipan, two essential Belgian specialties.

With the rapid entry of their children into the adventure, Specul'House biscuits quickly conquered numerous stores and delicatessens throughout the country. Each biscuit is an expression of unwavering family passion and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, delighting palates and proudly perpetuating the heritage of Belgian tradition in every bite.

The adventure continues in 2023 with Michael and Ludovic, two of their children, who are taking over the family business with the same passion and great ambitions.